Our patients know that the first adjustment a child receives is in utero while we are treating our pregnant moms! It is vital for an optimally healthy pregnancy to have the mom treated during the entire term of the pregnancy. Again, we do not just treat for back pain, though this is a common complaint of pregnancy. We have treatment options for all ailments of pregnancy such as, reflux/heartburn, constipation, ligament pain, headaches and yes, BACK pain! We receive referrals from several OB providers in the area and have achieved a reputation as a safe and effective clinic for pregnant moms.

During Pregnancy

We address more than just the common back aches and pains associated with expectant mothers. We offer a variety of treatment options for pregnancy related ailments such as, reflux/heartburn, ligament pain, headaches, breech/transverse fetal positioning and of course, back pain. Treatments during pregnancy allow for the baby and mother to enjoy optimal health during this vital time.

After Pregnancy

Continuing wellness and treatment routines postpartum are keys to maintaining optimal health. We provide nutritional consultations and lifestyle assessments to keep new mothers focused on their own health as well as their families' health needs.


At Pure Health we strive to provide a healthy, non-toxic and kid-friendly environment where children are welcomed. It is a common misconception that chiropractors only treat pain and musculoskeletal disorders. We are always asked why children need adjustments. The answer is quite simple - kids have spines too! The busy and active lives of children often lead to numerous falls and illnesses that compromise the integrity of their structure thus adversely affecting body function. Often the first trauma of a child’s life is birth trauma. Even a “perfect” birth can leave the infant with strain on their cranium or stress on skeletal structures.

During Childhood

Treating the varied maladies of childhood (torticollis, colic, childhood falls, athletic injuries, ear aches, colds, flu, plagiocephaly) Pure Health doctors provide alternative and holistic treatment options for children. Whether coming in for treatment themselves or visiting while mom or dad receives services, Pure Health provides our beloved little patients a child-friendly practice.